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how often should you change a baby’s diaper

How Often Should You Change a Baby’s Diaper

Every parent knows what will be waiting for them the moment they want to have a kid. Gone are the days where you’ll have a long night’s sleep. Other than midnight feeding, don’t forget the midnight diaper changing routine too. This is the time where you and your spouse can coordinate together on taking care of the baby at night. 

Figuring out how often you should change a baby’s diaper can be simple once you are used to it. Babies go through a lot of diapers in their first months and even year. If you are a new parent, fret not you’ll be a pro in no time. It is actually quite common to change a newborn’s diaper very often, but this will settle down after a few months. 

Choosing the right diaper will help to keep your baby dry and rash free. But, it’s recommended to change his or her diaper as often as needed. This is because keeping a dirty or messy diaper for too long can lead to diaper rash. 

Frequency of Diaper Changing 

Newborns urinate more than 20 times per day. Experts believe that you should be changing your newborn’s diaper every two to three hours. 3 health reasons on why you should change the diaper often:

  • Overly wet diapers left on too long can contribute to the risk of diaper rash
  • Poop can irritate your baby’s skin
  • Leftover bacteria may lead to a bladder infection (especially in baby girls).

Despite that, this rule is not applicable when the baby poops. When this happens, change the diaper right away. 

Nighttime Diaper Change 

Now you may be wondering if you need to apply the 2 to 3 hours during the night as well. Kath + Belle understand that sleep is important for both you and your baby, especially when you’ve just brought home a newborn. Fortunately, in most cases you can let your bub sleep with a dirty diaper. 

If you get overly concerned about your baby’s comfort at night, you can check him or her out too. Just like we mentioned earlier, coordinate the time with your spouse in the nighttime diaper changing schedule. Having a proper diaper for night uses is important. The best diapers will absorb your baby’s urine. 

If the diaper gets too dirty, you’ll be awake because of his or her cry. If your baby is sleeping peacefully, it is alright  to wait until your baby wakes up on his or her own, or when you decide to wake him or her up for a feeding.

Changing a Diaper

Step to step guide to changing diaper:

  1. Before changing a diaper, make sure you have everything you need, like a new diaper, baby cream, baby wipes or washcloths, and water.
  2. Clean baby’s bottom using baby wipes, washcloths or spray Diaper Time Sanitiser Spray on your baby diaper area.
  3. If you’re using a cloth diaper – hold his/her legs up and put a diaper beneath the baby’s bottom. Follow manufacturer instructions for fitting the diaper. Don’t cover his/her belly buttons.
  4. If you’re using a disposable- hold his/her legs up and put a diaper beneath the baby’s bottom. Fold the front flap up, tuck it around the baby’s waist and attach tabs. Don’t cover his/her belly buttons.
  5. Once he/she is done and dressed, put him/her in a safe place to avoid accidents. Babies can roll off in seconds. 
  6. Throw away the dirty diaper and wash your hands.
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