Things You Should Know About Diaper Change

things you should know about diaper change

About Diaper Change

We all have been there and if you are about to get into it, yes diaper changing can be a daunting task. If you are a first timer, we suggest you watch a video online or see how the nurses change your baby’s diaper. This is because babies need to be changed so often in the first few months (up to 8-10 times a day). 

When it comes to a newborn, you should change your baby’s diaper often. The urine and poop contain bacteria that can make his or her skin sore and eventually lead to diaper rash. When getting ready to change your baby, have everything you need ready before you start the task. Make sure you have warm water, wet tissue and fresh diapers ready.

When Should You Change The Diaper?

Your newborn will urinate and poop every 1 to 3 hour. Although wetness may not bother most babies and don’t expect them to cry or show discomfort before changing the diaper. Waking her up at night may disrupt her sleep so it’s better to change if she has woken for a feed. Otherwise she may wake up again later because of her discomfort.

These times are generally when you should consider changing your baby’s diaper:

  • after every feed
  • as soon as possible after they’ve done a poo

Changing a Baby’s Girl Diaper

When cleaning and wiping your baby girl, wipe from the front to the back, towards her bottom. The reason for this is to avoid infection. Gently clean all the creases and bottom but avoid spreading the labia.

Changing a Baby’s Boy Diaper

Be mindful when you position him because can have a good aim when you remove his diaper. Point his penis to point down to avoid spraying you, yours and their clothes and the linen! Clean the bottom area and be careful not to pull back the foreskin.

Dealing With Baby’s Sensitive Bottom

Babies do poo frequently, plus there’s a lot of cleaning up involved. Do not be surprised because it’s not unusual for their skin to occasionally get irritated. Kath + Belle’s Diaper Time Sanitiser Spray can help on this front. This spray is a convenient, quick & easy solution to a fuzz free diaper change. Just wash or wipe clean baby bottom, spray it on your baby diaper area and you are all ready for a fresh and clean bum. 100% made from natural ingredients and suitable for types of skins. 

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