Kath + Belle | Guide to Buying the Right Diaper

kath + belle guide to buying the right diaper

When the baby is finally here, you have several things to prepare. Well you know most of it and today Kath + Belle is here to talk about diapers. From birth until he/she gets to wear undies, you need a lot of diapers. By a lot, we mean a lot. Now you need to find out which brand to choose from, which kind to use? Now let’s get ready to absorb some diaper basics!

Diaper Buying Guide by Kath + Belle

We want you to feel great about the diapers you buy for your baby. Knowing your baby is comfortable wearing the diaper that you chose can give you a great relieving feeling. Before we go further, here is some info you need to know about diapers.

You probably used more than 2,000 diapers by the time your baby turned 1. It can cost you more than RM1,300 per year, depending on brands and type. Before buying in bulk or stick with only one brand of diaper. It is better to test out a few different brands and styles to see what you and baby like best.

Once you get the right diaper type and brand, do not overbuy. This is because your baby will outgrow diaper sizes surprisingly quickly, and your diapering needs will change over time. When you’re choosing diapers, you can compare costs, time, convenience, effectiveness and its environmental impact.

Diaper Types

There are many types of diapers available in the market, from disposable, pull-ups, fitted, all-in-one and more. Keep in mind that there are only 2 main categories and we’re going to talk about these 2. 

  1. Cloth Diaper
    Most of the cloth diapers are made from fabric that absorbs liquid. They are flannelette cotton, hemp, bamboo or a blend. Cloth diapers have more breathability than disposables do, which means air can circulate and keep their skin drier. Since the natural fibers in cloth diapers are softer than the plastics used in disposables, your baby should have less irritating chafing which can lead to rashes.
  2. Disposable Diaper
    No doubt that disposable diapers are easy to use. They are also thinner and smaller. They’re thinner and fit better than older versions. Plus, they keep your baby drier because of the superabsorbent materials. If you think you want to use disposable diapers, remember to try a few different brands to see which one best suits your baby and budget.

Because of convenience, you may opt for disposable diapers. And when you do, consider using eco-friendly disposable diapers. Wide variety of eco-friendly disposable diapers, designed to be free of chlorine, fragrances, latex, and petroleum-based lotions are available in the market. For the goodness of the planet, eco-friendly disposable diapers are more suitable because they are made of biodegradable or renewable materials. These diapers are supposed to decompose more quickly than ordinary disposable ones. 

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