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Kath + Belle | Best Organic Shampoo for Babies in 2021

Kath + Belle Best Organic Shampoo For Babies In 2021

As parents, we must exert an extra effort in avoiding harmful chemicals from the products we use at home particularly to our babies. That’s why here at Kath + Belle, we are extending our hands to share this value and belief with every parent to give their family the best protection. We are dedicated to […]

Kath + Belle | How To Use Vitamin E Oil For Babies

Kath + Belle How To Use Vitamin E Oil For Babies

Babies are blessings from up above and as parents, we only want the best for them. Kath+belle natural products are inspired by love. Love for giving our loved ones the utmost, love for nature, and even love for toxic-free and healthy living. Therefore, Kath + Belle only uses and trusts the purest and nature’s finest […]

Kath + Belle | 4 Fun Ways to Teach Oral Health to Children

Kath + Belle 4 Fun Ways To Teach Oral Health To Children

It is very important to teach your kids healthy dental hygiene from a young age, as it can last through adulthood. The earlier your children learn how to brush their teeth properly, the more likely they are to prevent cavities, gingivitis, and other oral health issues. Here at Kath + Belle, we would like to […]

Pregnant Women Can Use Kath + Belle Products!

Pregnant Women Can Use Kath + Belle Products!

During pregnancy, a woman’s skin changes and becomes more sensitive and reactive. Endocrine disruptors and other toxic ingredients can be prevented by opting for organic and natural care products like Kath + Belle. Pregnant women need to be extra careful in using skincare products as it might contain harmful ingredients that pose a risk of […]

Kath + Belle | Get to Know More About Baby’s Skin

Kath + Belle Get To Know More About Baby’s Skin

Every parent imagines the baby’s skin to be smooth, soft and smells great. But in fact, the baby’s skin can be dry, flaky, sensitive, and even have some strange discolorations – particularly in newborns.  The skin of a newborn is very sensitive and delicate — and so is their immune system. There are several factors […]

Kath + Belle for Soothing Newborn Baby in Hot Weather

Kath + Belle For Soothing Newborn Baby In Hot Weather

Since babies are easily affected by heat, hot weather can be troublesome for them. They need to drink on a regular basis to keep hydrated, wear light clothes, and keep cool. Throughout the year, Malaysia and Singapore have tropical weather, but the atmosphere can be very humid because of its proximity to water. Kath + […]

Kath + Belle: Fight Coronavirus with Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic Products

Kath + Belle Fight Coronavirus With Eco Friendly & Non Toxic Products

Kath + Belle is here to help every family to fight the spread of COVID-19 while keeping green with our eco-friendly cleaning and disinfecting products. Keeping your family’s health safe and protected should be your number one priority during this time of the pandemic.  When it comes to choosing cleaning products, be wiser enough to […]

Ibuencer Celebration + Tea Party (KOL Connect 1.0)

Kath N Belle Ibuencer Party Open Graph 01

Nuren Group, the household brand behind the mum community and influencer platform,, hosts a celebration and tea party for its network of Ibuencers on September 12, 2020 at Da Men Mall.. Powered by data-driven approaches, is designed with the envision to become the largest mum influencer community in South East Asia, where it […]