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Kath + Belle | Plant-Based Detergent VS Conventional Detergent

kath + belle plant based detergent vs conventional detergent

What is Plant-Based Detergent? Unlike most leading laundry detergents, plant-based versions do not contain harsh chemicals such as phosphates, formaldehyde and others. So you may ask, are these detergents effective? The answer is yes, plant-based detergent can be as effective as the conventional brands.  Another big plus point is that they are free from allergens, […]

Kath + Belle | Encourage Kids to Stay Active & Fit

kath + belle encourage kids to stay active & fit

Staying Active, Fit and Healthy During Hard Times With the playgrounds are getting abandoned and school curricular activities are still on break, kids are not having fun like they used to. All kids’ sport activities in Malaysia have been on halt for now. Even with the relaxation SOP is in place, many parents are still […]