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Kath + Belle Tips to Non-Toxic Environment: Switch Your Hand Soap!

Kath + Belle Tips To Non Toxic Environment Switch Your Hand Soap!

Kath + Belle knows the struggle of keeping our homes clean especially in a toxic environment where harmful chemicals are sprawling. We can agree that we are responsible for every trace of harmful chemicals in the environment because every activity we do leaves some kind of waste. In return, we get health problems from these […]

Kath + Belle Needs You To Reduce Plastic Usage & Recycle!

Kath + Belle Needs You To Reduce Plastic Usage & Recycle!

Kath + Belle, together with other advocates, need you to reduce your plastic usage. According to statistics, there are approximately 270 million tonnes of plastic being produced and 275 million tonnes of plastic being wasted every year. Among other things, Kath + Belle knows that this is not the only reason why we should minimize […]

Kath + Belle Guide to Toxic Chemicals to Avoid During Pregnancy

Kath + Belle Guide To Toxic Chemicals To Avoid During Pregnancy

At Kath + Belle, we celebrate every good news including pregnancy. A child is a blessing and it’s the beginning of your exciting journey as a happy family. However, pregnancy is not an easy task, we know that. Mothers need to make a lot of adjustments in order to keep the baby in her tummy […]

Kath + Belle Guide to Clean and Safe Environment for Baby at Home

Kath + Belle Guide To Clean And Safe Environment For Baby At Home

Kath + Belle knows how pervasive bacteria can be⁠—even in the comfort of our own homes. The places where we’re supposed to feel the most comfortable might be the same places where most germs lurk. As a parent, it can be challenging to juggle all the household errands. We even purchase parenting tools and parenting […]