Putting Down Smartphone For The Sake of Your Kid’s Self Esteem

putting down smartphone for the sake of your kid's self esteem

Smartphone VS Kid’s Self Esteem

Before we go further, this article is not about making you feel guilty. We know very well that we shouldn’t spend so much time with our smartphones when kids are around. To be fair, we use our devices for work too. We may spend more time on emails, checking things online and communicating with our colleagues or clients. 

Without any biases, we also look at our phones for distractions and entertainment. Years ago, this article mentioned that parents spending too much time on their devices can bring troubling consequences to their kids, both mentally and emotionally. If this habit keeps going on, our kids can feel that we’re more interested in our phones than we are interested in them. 

Devices Like Smartphones Are Affecting Child’s Development

We are starting to be aware that smart devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets can bring negative impacts to our lives. These devices do make our lives easier when it comes to work, connecting with others and performing tasks online. However, mindless usage of smartphones can bring certain harm not just to our own health but to our kids’ development as well.

Being a parent, we want our kids to develop their full potential. That being said, a parent’s role is more than providing proper nutrients, a roof above our heads, education and meaningful relationships. Parenting is about giving attention that our kids deserve. At birth, human babies already have billions of  neurons, most of which are not connected. The neurons begin to form connections with one another when the baby engages with the people and environment around them.

The face-to-face interactions are the foremost way children learn. They learn about the language, they learn about their own emotions and they learn how to regulate them. Imagine how many precious moments are being disconnected between a parent and child when we put more attention to our smart devices.

3 Tips To Reduce Smartphone Usage For Your Kids

  1. Lead By Example
    Be the role model at your home by showing your kids that you are not the slave of your own devices. They are watching and mimicking our every move. This can influence their future relationships with technology and your very own relationships with them.
  2. Form a New Habit
    Allow yourself a fixed amount of time everyday to use your smartphone. Allot some times to indulge on and remember to shut down after the time is up and be present with our children.
  3. Turn OFF Notifications
    Ask any seasonal parents out there. They will say the thing, nothing is more precious than family time. We understand work can be tough and FOMO (fear of missing out) but trust us, those feelings will fade out. The impressions set by you will be the foundation of your children’ characters and more! 
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