Kath + Belle | 5 Tips for Making a Great Start for New Dad

5 tips for making a great start for new dad

Life as a New Dad

Just as we said it above, life will not be the same again for you. Becoming a dad will definitely be one of the biggest events of your life, probably the biggest. Think that you’re too good in other areas of life? Think again. Being a dad is a journey where emotions, patience, and confidence will be constantly challenged.

Being a good dad is good for everyone, good for mum and the baby too. It helps to ease your wife, after all, she has been carrying the baby for 9 months. In this article, Kath + Belle will cover the basics that you need to know including how to be a supportive partner, how to care for a baby and how to take good care of your wife and yourself as a new dad.

Surviving the First Month as a New Dad

You have made all the preparation in the world. New baby room, check, new baby crib, check, pacifier, check and car seat, check. With all the things you have crossed on the list, now what’s next? Nobody ever prepared you for what comes after delivery but we can help you to make a few checklists for yourself.

The first month is crucial, if you can set the foundation right, the rest will slowly pick up by itself. When things are unpredictable, we need you to be steady. As a new dad, remember to:

  • Know When to Sleep
    Sleep when the baby is sleeping. There will be no more long deep 8 hours night sleep. So when you can take a nap, take it! You’ll need the extra energy to feed your baby during night time.
  • Be Used to Vomit
    That faint smell of baby’s vomit? No need to fight it, you’ll get used to it. As you get to know your baby better, you will get to know your baby and know when they’re about to vomit especially when you burp the baby.
  • Look After Your Partner
    Don’t be too busy to be a dad that you forget you’re a husband and a lover too. Spending some time with your partner, even 30 minutes at the end of the day just to chat, chill or watch your favourite TV show can make a huge difference. 
  • Look After Yourself
    Don’t throw away your fitness routines and hobbies. You can still make time to squeeze some workout time either in the morning or night. Fatherhood can be tiring and you need to be fit for this role. You might just need to adjust the time dedicated to them.

Kath + Belle: 5 Tips for Making a Great Start for First Time Dad

Let’s start to have a greater positive impact on your newborn. We’ve had the privilege of talking to many first time dads at Kath + Belle and they all have these 5 common points:

  1. Get Involved from the Beginning
    Build confidence by getting involved in everything about your baby. From playing, feeding, changing diapers, dressing, bathing and more, these are times where you start to understand your baby better. It’s also good for your wife to take a break.
  2. Touch Connection
    Babies learn a lot from their sense of touch. Physical touch makes your baby feel safe and secure. This type of bonding also helps to develop and stimulate brain’s growth. Hold your baby as often as you can.
  3. Learn the Baby’s Cues
    Understand their behaviours and signals. These cues can signal what they want at the moment. By spending enough time with your baby, you’ll know when they need your attention, feeling discomfort and hunger.
  4. Help With Feeding
    Breastfeeding is very important for the baby and your support for your partner is equally vital. She is also learning how to breastfeed at this point. You could give practical support such as assisting her in whatever she needs.
  5. Be Ready to Ask for Help
    Not everything has to be perfect. Trust your instinct. It is okay to ask for help from experienced parents like your very own parents. You could even ask help from your friends that already have children. A few pointers from here and there can solve a lot of your worries. 
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