4 Parenting Mistakes to Avoid for First Time Parents

Parenting Mistakes are Unavoidable

Yes, no matter how hard you try, you will make mistakes in the things that you do. But it’s okay, we learn from our mistakes and that’s how we become a better and wiser person. Being a parent is no different. It takes a parent to know how other parents feel. Our sense of forgiveness grows when we become parents. We tend to forgive our kids’ mistakes, but do we forgive ourselves when we accidentally did something wrong as a parent?

For starters, every parent makes mistakes. So let’s not be so harsh on yourself. You’re doing great, you have prepared everything. The cloths, the crib, food, baby products that are suitable for newborn which are safe for them and the environmentcheeky.  No amount of podcasts, parenting books or advice can really prepare you for the real thing. This is what makes parenthood beautiful. All the crying, vomiting, sleepless nights aside, you know they’re all worth it! 

4 Parenting Mistakes to Avoid for First Time Parents

Mistakes happen along the way, especially for a first time parent in the first year. The following points will discuss some common mistakes new parents make, along with suggestions to avoid making them:

  1. Trying to be a super-mum or super-dad
    Every parent, especially mothers – with exception for a few – will do an amazing job in parenthood. Despite all these, we want the best for our little bub but overdoing and trying way too hard can bring more bad than good. Just because you want the best, it doesn’t mean it will work all the time. Relax yourself and accept help from others. Trust us, your own parents, in-laws and family members are always ready to help you.
  2. Panicking & worrying over everything and anything
    Hold on, take a breather and start over again. Take a step back before over analyzing everything your baby does. It’s normal for them to cry, vomit, cough and sneeze. You may wonder why they eat too much or too little, having more or less bowel movements. Talk to your pediatrician for the things that you really should be concerned about and give your mother a call, she knows these things.
  3. Undermining your spouse’s efforts and contribution
    Taking care of a newborn can be overwhelming. Add on with lack of sleep and feeling the need to complete all the tasks in the world – it can be exhausting. Your spouse can be a safety net where you can vent your feelings out. Unfortunately, we can misunderstand things at certain times. Parenthood is teamwork. Your spouse could be busy at work, trying to figure out how to be a better parent without any experience. A little more understanding goes a long way.
  4. Trusting unreliable sources for parenting advise
    The internet can be helpful and misleading at the same time. Do not follow all the superstitious practices and unproven methods to make your baby feel better, stronger or smarter. Most of the time, these so-called ‘supplements’ or products can hurt your baby’s health. Be careful and make sure that the websites you visit are reputable and credible. Always fact check your information with a medical expert when it comes to baby’s medication or supplements.
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