When to Introduce Solid Food to Your Baby?

When To Introduce Solid Food To Your Baby

Kath + Belle is always one step ahead when it comes to your baby’s need. We always prioritize their health by providing you the best baby skincare products. Kath + Belle wants to make sure that we instill the importance of health and cleanliness in your child’s mind as early as now. As parents, we need to be vigilant in choosing the food that they eat, too! During the early months, babies can only be fed with breast milk or formula, until then, he or she can be introduced to solid foods. 

Kath + Belle knows that you need to watch out for signs that tell that your baby is ready for solids. That’s why we listed down what you needed to know before letting your baby take that first bite!

Kath + Belle Tips on What You Need to Know Before Letting Your Baby Take That First Bite

  • Is your baby ready for solids?

Most babies are ready to eat solid foods before 4 months to 6 months. During this time, babies typically stop pushing food out of their mouths and they begin to develop the coordination to move the solid food for swallowing. Kath + Belle suggests that you look for other signs that your baby is ready for solid foods. For example, check if your baby can hold his or her head in a steady position. If your baby is showing a desire for food by leaning forward or opening his or her mouth, you can begin supplementing your baby’s liquid diet

  • Know what to serve

Of course, you should still continue feeding your baby milk up to 32 ounces a day. You should start simply by offering your baby foods that do not contain sugar or salt. Wait three to five days to see if your baby reacts to the food. 

  • What not to offer?

Don’t give juice, cow’s milk, or honey to your baby before age 1. Too much of these liquids might contribute to weight problems and diarrhea. Sipping juice can also lead to tooth decay.

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