Kath + Belle Is Your Child Ready for Potty Training

Kath + Belle Is Your Child Ready For Potty Training

Kath + Belle knows that potty training is an important milestone in your kid’s life. It is part of growing up and humanity as civilized humans. Also, as humans, it is a necessity to practice good hygiene. Many parents are unsure about when to start potty training their kids. It is important to watch out for signs that your kids are ready to be potty trained. 

Kath + Belle listed down the guidelines and possible signs that your child is ready to take a new step to independence. 

Kath + Belle Guidelines to Potty Training

  • Watch out for these signs. If your child can do these things on your own, then chances are he/she is ready.

Is your child able to follow simple instructions? Can he/she understand and use words about using the toilet? Does he/she show signs when he/she wants to pee or poop? These are the signs you need to look out for. Also, observe if your child can keep a diaper dry for 2 hours or more. 

Most children begin to show such signs when they are between 18 to 24 months old, but sometimes, they may not be ready until a later time. Boys often start later and take longer to learn than girls.

  • You may want to put off the training at times like these:

There are some instances when you need to put off starting toilet training, such as traveling, around the birth of a sibling, moving to a new house, or when your child is sick, especially when it’s due to diarrhea.

  • Types of Potty Training

There are two types of potty training: standalone and a toddler-size seat. Standalone is a toddler-size potty chair with a bowl that can be emptied into the toilet. A toddler-size seat, on the other hand, can be placed on top of a toilet seat to let your child feel more secure.

Whether or not your child is ready for potty training, you need to provide him/her with the best hygienic products to keep your child away from rashes and bacteria.  Kath + Belle Sanitiser Spray is a product from Kath + Belle that is a convenient, quick and easy solution to a fuzz-free diaper change. Just wash your baby’s bottom, spray on this non-toxic anti-bacterial spray on the area and your baby is good to go! Not only does it provide freshness, but this Kath + Belle Sanitiser Spray is also non-toxic. Rest assured that the baby skin will be protected from rashes. You can visit the Kath + Belle site for more of our baby skincare products!

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