Why We Should Have Chemical-Free Living?

Why We Should Have Chemical Free Living

We all want our children to grow up in a safe, loving, healthy and chemical-free home. However, what if it doesn’t make your home environment as healthy as you think? The world in which we live is full of harmful chemicals. This wouldn’t be realistic even though we tried to stay away from them, because those little buggers are everywhere.

Many of the main culprits that contribute to our homes ‘pollution are the very things that we are purchasing to clean them up. The home average includes plenty of gallons of synthetic chemicals alone. You are a big step closer to building a toxin-free home that nurtures your families and better serves the community by moving to non-toxic, chemical-free and all-natural household goods for safer alternatives.

6 Ways to have a Chemical-Free Home

  1. Check out your products

We’ve also been led to believe that the finest cleaners ‘kill the germs’ are best for our households. However, did you know that the chemicals we commonly used in our homes may lead to allergies, cancer, psychological disorders, and birth defects?

Some key culprits are Phthalates, Parabens, Sulphates, Triclosan, Ammonia, Sodium Hydroxide, and Chlorine. They are all found in our common cleaning and skincare products.

Check out your household and skincare products and see how many of these nasty chemicals you can find. You’re going to be shocked where they’re hiding!

Living Chemical Free Is Such An Important Part Of Our Lives. We Can Always Start Small.
Living chemical-free is such an important part of our lives. We can start small in this new lifestyle
  1. Use products with all-natural ingredients

We spend much of our time with our little ones, particularly when they are newborns. Yet what are we even exposing them out to? The chemicals we use at home and at work have a significant effect on you and on the health of your family. 

So when it comes to using cleaning and personal products you might consider switching to the ones with all-natural ingredients particularly those baby shampoos and baby lotions and other skincare products. 

  1. Be careful of the poisonous ingredients

Our little ones can be curious as they can be, they’ll just open up, touch, and play with something and anything they might reach. 

Fortunately, there are a lot of manufacturers who are now offering toxin-free household cleaning items that not only do the job, but are lickable, and do not hurt if brought in. Make the turn to certain chemical-free, natural cleaning products and you’re one step closer to building a home that’s free of toxins.

  1. Use naturally-fragranced products

We all enjoy a nice home odor. Yet most of these synthetic fragrances chemicals are derived from petrochemicals. This includes Benzene derivatives, Aldehydes, and Phthalates.

Most household goods we use contain petrochemicals, from cleaning products to skincare and cosmetics. Including all those plastic bottles and containers that we use every day. These products can disrupt hormone activity and are associated with liver and breast cancer, and diabetes.

Use chemical-free and naturally fragrant alternatives and essential oils to produce pleasant and non-sneaky odors.

  1. Opt to Eco-Friendly cleaning and skincare products

Not all pollutants can be filtered out of the wastewater before it enters the waterways. Materials that are not environmentally friendly are not broken down and can persist and destroy fish and other wildlife. 

Our choice of the product really does make a difference, not just at home, but can also save the mother earth.

  1. Switch to Kath + Belle today!

Having a non-toxic and chemical-free living is very important because you are not just protecting your own home and family but also mother earth. 

Kath + Belle is dedicated to providing all-natural and eco-friendly products in every household. We don’t use harmful chemicals that might affect your health and destroy the environment. Switch to Kath + Belle today and make your home the best place to live in!

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