Kath + Belle Tips to Non-Toxic Environment: Switch Your Hand Soap!

Kath + Belle Tips To Non Toxic Environment Switch Your Hand Soap!

Kath + Belle knows the struggle of keeping our homes clean especially in a toxic environment where harmful chemicals are sprawling. We can agree that we are responsible for every trace of harmful chemicals in the environment because every activity we do leaves some kind of waste. In return, we get health problems from these toxic chemicals.

Cleanliness is the key to stable health. That’s why we try our best to buy the best personal care products and baby products for hygiene purposes. We maintain the cleanliness of our houses because nothing feels nice and refreshing than to live in a chemical-free house. Luckily, Kath + Belle gives you a list of tips for a non-toxic environment.

Kath + Belle Tips to Non-Toxic Environment

  • Choose alternatives to plastic

Plastics with recycling symbols #3 (PVC), #6 (polystyrene), and #7 (other) have greater potentials to filtrate toxins. It’s better to use glass jars, ceramic bowls, and paper bags to store your items. It’s eco-friendly too!

  • Take your shoes off when inside the house

Your shoes bring in contaminated dust from outside and babies have a tendency to lick the floor. That’s why Kath + Belle suggests that you take your shoes off in the house. 

  • Avoid air fresheners with harmful chemicals

While traditional air fresheners help keep the air fresh and fragrant, they actually bring you more danger than harm. It’s highly recommended that you switch to an organic product that gives you the same freshening effect.

  • Wash your hands before eating

Most importantly, washing your hands before eating is the best way to keep you away from infections. When you eat without washing, the bacteria left on your hands can be transferred to you internally. In this case, regular hand soaps won’t do the job. Instead, switch to Kath + Belle hand wash that is non-toxic and is carefully formulated with plant-based ingredients to mildly remove dirt.

Kath + Belle provides you a variety of options to keep you toxic-free. From personal care products to baby products, we focus on creating a non-toxic and healthier environment at home for kids and families. Go shop with Kath + Belle today!

It May Surprise You To Know That Commercial Antibacterial Soap Is Not Actually All It Is Advertised To Be.
I t may surprise you to know that antibacterial soap is not actually all it is advertised to be.
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