Kath + Belle Needs You To Reduce Plastic Usage & Recycle!

Kath + Belle Needs You To Reduce Plastic Usage & Recycle!

Kath + Belle, together with other advocates, need you to reduce your plastic usage. According to statistics, there are approximately 270 million tonnes of plastic being produced and 275 million tonnes of plastic being wasted every year. Among other things, Kath + Belle knows that this is not the only reason why we should minimize the use of plastic and we made a list for that.

Plastic Is Everywhere And The Majority Of Such Waste Does Not Get Recycled
It’s time for Malaysia to deal with its plastic productionwaste, and pollution problems

Reduce Plastic Usage with Kath + Belle!

  • Most plastic wastes don’t get reused

Plastic is everywhere and the majority of such waste does not get recycled and half of the plastic waste is only single-use. Single-use plastic includes plastic water bottles, plastic packaging, plastic grocery bags, etc.

  •  Some types of plastic are carcinogenic

Plastics such as phthalates can lead to endocrine disruption, asthma, and reproductive effects. Kath + Belle suggests that you opt for phthalate-free personal care products and baby products. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it is totally safe for you and your baby!

  • Can cause eye and skin irritation

Polyester is a type of plastic that can be typically found in bedding, clothing, disposable diapers, food packaging, and tampons. This type of plastic can cause eye and respiratory tract irritation and acute skin rashes. 

  • Direct exposure can lead to cardiovascular problems

Direct exposure from plastic products such as water bottles and car wheels through inhalation and ingestion can affect the cardiovascular system. It also affects the gastrointestinal, neurological, and respiratory function. In order to get rid of the microplastics from such products, use eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products for your chemical-free house.

Kath + Belle believes that the use of plastic needs to be lessened for a safer and non-toxic environment. If we don’t do it, no one else will. All together let’s save our mother earth and it should start in ourselves. Kath + Belle will continue to improve the personal care products and baby products for a healthier environment at home for kids and families. Shop with Kath + Belle today!

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