Kath + Belle | Plant-Based Detergent VS Conventional Detergent

kath + belle plant based detergent vs conventional detergent

What is Plant-Based Detergent?

Unlike most leading laundry detergents, plant-based versions do not contain harsh chemicals such as phosphates, formaldehyde and others. So you may ask, are these detergents effective? The answer is yes, plant-based detergent can be as effective as the conventional brands.  Another big plus point is that they are free from allergens, enzymes, optical brighteners and fragrances of any kind. They are safe for babies and adults with sensitive skin

What is Conventional Detergent?

Conventional detergents are mostly available in every shop and store. They are effective in cleaning nearly all the toughest stains. Although they are effective in their purpose, they also have some bad effects on our health and environment. The chemical ingredients used in these detergents are almost exclusively in commercial, industrial and facility cleaning. 

They are created for specific cleaning tasks such as laundry, degreasing, carpet care, or floor cleaning. Kath + Belle urges you to be a better consumer for your family and the planet by checking on the labels and ingredients used when you choose your detergent. Let us explain to you why below.

Plant-Based Detergent VS Conventional Detergent

When we are overwhelmed by stains and dirt, we will always choose a faster and cheaper alternative. Just as how the brands market themselves, not all that is advertised are true. With so many green “labels” out there promising plant-based this and environment-friendly that, it can be hard to separate facts from marketing point of view. These detergents are more likely to be a mixture of synthetic chemicals and additives made  up in huge chemical plants. 

Kath + Belle Explains: Health and Environmental Impact

Effects on Health

By using these conventional brands, they have one issue that many are not aware of. They leave a chemical residue on our clothing, which will be absorbed by our skin and inhaled into our lungs. Some of these bad effects include skin or eye irritation to other more serious ailments, such as:

  • eczema
  • rashes
  • endocrine disruption and others.

And the worst of all, some of these chemicals are actually human carcinogens, meaning they are cancerous to humans.

Effects on the Environment

Due to low biodegradability, the toxicity of these chemicals can reduce natural water quality when it enters the waterways. Even when the wastewater is treated, the residue particles can still affect pH changes in soil and water, eutrophication, reducing light transmission, and increasing salinity in water sources. Ove time, the eutrophication will slowly depletes the oxygen in a body of water and ruins the ecosystem. 

Kath + Belle Solutions to Clean Laundry and Preserving the Environment

The whole Kath + Belle product range is environment friendly, using plant and mineral based ingredients. We are cruelty free, which mean completely free from animal testing. Kath + Belle Baby Eco Laundry is grey water and septic system safe. It means that you don’t have to worry about whether your wastewater after laundry is polluting our waterways.

Our gentle formulation makes it extremely suitable for those with sensitive skin. Those who are suffering from skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis can benefit from using this amazing detergent too. It effectively cleans your clothes, linens, and sheets without the risk of irritation. It gentle on fabrics but tough on stains and grease! It is phosphate free and it reduces algal blooms and marine toxicity. A far better choice for our planet and the future generations. 

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