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kath + belle teaching kids kindness & empathy

Kindness & Empathy in Kids

Attaining success in life, achieving good grades in school and winning awards can be milestones in one’s life. While it is important to set our eyes on material greatness, we must not take our values for granted. Human beings are emotional beings, we thrive and get along better when other qualities involve such as compassion, kindness and empathy

In the journey where we are now parents to our child, we learned that we aren’t perfect. This statement might be simple enough to understand, but it may not be easy to apply to our own internal thoughts. We have had times where we become our very own critics to our own flaws –  and our children are not the exception to it. 

This is where we need to end the cycle and raise them to be mentally strong and resilient instead of being selfish and self critical. Kindness and empathy can shape a better future for the next generation. These 2 qualities are very much needed in the world right now. 

What is Kindness?

Kindness can be expressed in many forms. From a smile, supportive to others, encouragement to helping actions to strangers. It is a powerful force that we can have for ourselves and those with whom we share the world. Kindness enables us to be compassionate. We thrive and achieve more life when we are sincere in helping others. 

What is Empathy?

Empathy is to be keenly aware of the moods and emotions in others. It is the power to enter into the feelings of the other person. This gives them the capacity to put himself or herself in someone else’s shoes. People with empathy have stronger personal connections and more meaningful, supportive relationships.

Teach Kids Kindness & Empathy

Parents, teachers and elder siblings can help to shape positive home and school culture. Like many things, these qualities will develop when children learn over time and through practice. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to encourage your child to be a kinder, gentler person. We at Kath + Belle have compiled these strategies from parents out there and we’re sharing it with you. 

4 Strategies for Encouraging Kindness & Empathy

  1. It starts with you Parent’s lives must lead the way for the next generation. Your kids will emulate the same manners, behaviours and characteristics that you show. Display generosity and kindness so that your kids may see it in action. From there, they will follow.
  2. Model empathy –  Show to your kids how to show understanding, compassion and kindness towards people around from family, friends to strangers. This practice can help them to understand how they would feel if they’re in someone else’s shoes.
  3. Have faith that your child can be kind and empathic– If you always treat your kids like they’re always in trouble, you’re giving them reasons to be in trouble. Assuming they want to help and are concerned about others, they will tend to live up to those expectations.
  4. Treat children with respect – Using kind words and not looking down on their capacity just because they’re young can bring immense encouragement in their lives. Always give time for movement, for heart to heart conversation, to walk at their pace. 
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