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kath + belle non toxic skin care for teens

Adolescence is a critical period in the growth of the body of a human. Hormones in the endocrine system are working extra hard during teenage years to develop the reproductive system, brain, bones, blood, and immune system.

The chances of a teen being exposed to endocrine disruptor chemicals on a regular basis are extremely high. Given that these chemicals are found in thousands of personal care items on the market. So Kath + Belle listed down some helpful tips for teens to have a toxic-free and healthy skincare routine.

Kath + Belle Tips For A Natural Skincare Routine for Teens

  • Avoid conventional face wash and masks

Conventional skincare products such as face wash and masks are overrated and packed with chemicals that are harmful to the body. These products should be avoided by teenagers as their skin is still sensitive and developing. 

Many skincare products available in the market can lead to different skin issues and can dry the skin furthermore and might cause eczema in teenagers.

  • Go natural with Kath + Belle Super Vitamin E Oil & VCO

The products of Kath + Belle are inspired by passion and love. Love for our loved ones, love for nature, and love for a healthy and natural lifestyle. That is why, in order to provide you with the very best, Kath + Belle only uses the purest and eco-certified ingredients in our products.

Kath + Belle Super Vitamin E Oil & VCO is not only suitable for a baby’s skin but for all ages. This vitamin E oil and VCO is perfect for sensitive skin, skin dryness, eczema, and other skin allergies.

  • Use Kath + Belle Face & Body Lotion for healthier skin

Kath + Belle Face & Body Lotion does not contain carcinogen, a substance that plays a direct part in the development of cancer. This lotion is hypoallergenic, non-irritating, safe, gentle, and protects the skin from irritants and damages. It nourishes skin without rubbing off its natural moisture, leaving it soft and supple.

Having healthy skin isn’t just all about using effective skincare products. A skincare routine must include a healthy diet and exercise. Since teenage is a period of rapid growth and development, so having a well-balanced diet is especially important. 

Teenage years are a tough time to adjust to. The last thing they need is to use things that are harmful to them. It’s probably time for teens to become more conscious of the health consequences of the products they use on their bodies and how it affects them in the long run. Go natural and choose Kath + Belle for healthier teenage years!

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