Kath + Belle | Kids Should Not Use Hairspray

kath + belle kids should not use hairspray

Kath + Belle is here to remind and educate people, especially parents of young children of the danger of hairspray to our health. Hairspray is a cosmetic product that holds the hair in place and like any other cosmetics, hairspray contains active ingredients such as polymers and solvents.

Hairsprays should be kept away from direct heat sources because they can cause fire and personal injury when exposed to open flame. While the long-term health risks of hairspray products are debatable, the dangers that are more immediate are best known. According to Drug Information Online, inhalation of denatured alcohol, hydrofluorocarbons, and other hairspray ingredients may cause acute poisoning, which is characterized by symptoms such as low blood pressure, breathing difficulties, and coma. Sensitive individuals, like children, may experience irritation of the skin, eyes, or lungs.

So Kath + Belle listed down the dangerous effects of using hairspray particularly in children and what products to use to protect their hair and scalp.

The Dangers of Hairspray to Our Health

  • It damages the hair

Hairspray may not cause hair to fall out, but it may cause breakage. Many hair products, like hairspray, contain alcohol, which can be extremely drying to the hair. When the hair is too dry, it becomes brittle and vulnerable to breakage, especially the children’s sensitive and delicate hair.

  • Causes birth defects

When you’re pregnant, anything you put on your skin or inhale has the potential to reach your baby. Many conventional cosmetics contain phthalates, a chemical commonly found in hair products that may cause fertility issues, miscarriage, and gestational diabetes.

  • It dries up and causes itchy scalp

Although hairspray is unlikely to be the cause of dandruff, it can worsen the condition. Sticky sprays adhere to the hair and cause it to produce more oil. Dandruff would then cling to your oily, sticky scalp, alleviating the problem.

Hairspray can aggravate itchy scalps, or it can even trigger them. Many ingredients that can be found in hairsprays are allergens that can cause skin issues and irritation.

  • Can cause cancer

Coumarin is a chemical present in many hairsprays that can be toxic if inhaled. It is a sweet-smelling substance present in many plants. This fragrance, like many others, has the ability to irritate the skin. It is possible to consume too much of this chemical by using several products that contain it, causing serious problems. It may also function as a liver toxin and lead to the development of cancerous tumors.

Use Kath + Belle Hair Shampoo and Conditioner to Protect Children’s Hair and Scalp

Kath + Belle Hair Shampoo (Peach) is safe and gentle to babies and children’s hair and scalp. This shampoo is hypoallergenic and non-irritating, especially to people with sensitive skin. Kath + Belle Hair Shampoo nourishes without dehydrating the skin, making it soft and supple. Its cleaning formulations are gentle and non-toxic without removing natural moisture and keeping the hair naturally manageable and silky soft.

Kath + Belle Hair Conditioner (Peach) covers and protects hair from damage and taming frizzy hair. This conditioner is a perfect partner for shampoo as it softens and makes the baby’s hair shiny and healthy. Kath + Belle Hair Conditioner contains toxic-free chemicals and formulated with only plant-based ingredients created from natural herbs making it safer to use for newborn babies and older as well.

Both Kath + Belle Hair Shampoo and Conditioner do not contain carcinogens, a substance that is directly linked to the development of cancer. As more studies reveal the toxicity of common ingredients in toiletries, more parents are turning to organic products to enjoy chemical-free, natural living. This becomes much more of a concern when it comes to caring for our babies and young children’s fragile skin and hair.

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