Kath + Belle 4 Tips to Get Kids to Sleep Better

kath + belle 4 tips to get kids to sleep better

Sleep enhances our ability to think critically, retain knowledge, regulate emotions, control behaviors, and maintain good health. However, trouble from falling asleep isn’t just a problem that comes with adulthood. Sleep deprivation can be a problem for children too especially during this time of the pandemic.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, everyone particularly children were confined inside the four corners of the house. They spend too much of their time facing their electronic gadgets that cause disturbance in their daily activities and sleeping time. That’s why Kath + Belle listed down four effective tips to get your kids to sleep better and soundly during bedtimes. 

Kath + Belle Healthy Tips For Children To Get Better Sleep

  1. Turn off electronic screens at least 2 hours before bedtime

Televisions, mobile phones, computers, and other electronic devices each have the ability to sabotage sleep. According to research, the blue light from these electronics can interfere with melatonin production. As melatonin is a vital aspect of the sleep-wake cycle.

Remove all artificial or electronic screen lighting from the bedroom, or at the very least ensure that all screens are turned off before bedtime. Rather than using screen lights before bed, Kath + Belle and experts suggest reading stories to your child in the evening to encourage their brain to relax and have a better sleep.

  1. Keep the room temperature cool

Your child’s sleeping cycle isn’t solely influenced by light as it is also sensitive to temperature. Melatonin levels aid in the regulation of the internal body temperature drop needed for sleep.

Dress your child in breathable cotton pajamas and keep the bedroom temperature between 65 to 70°F (18.3 and 21.1°C) at night to keep them relaxed and comfortable.

  1. Use proper bedding

Aside from providing a relaxing bedroom atmosphere, the quality of the bed and proper bedding may also have an effect on sleep. According to some studies, new bedding will improve sleep quality and bad bedding can worsen lower back pain

  1. Make a consistent bedtime routine

Having consistent routines is especially important for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. It is recommended that after dinner, the rest of the evening should consist of light playtime, a bath, brushing teeth, a bedtime story, and finally bed. 

Aim for a soothing and calming routine to create the perfect bedtime environment. During the first few minutes of the routine, your child’s body may begin to become sleepy.

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