Kath + Belle | Bedtime Routines for Baby

kath belle bedtime routines for baby

A regular baby bedtime routine helps your child develop healthy sleeping habits and sleep soundly through the night. Your baby will know when it’s time to calm down and sleep if you have a bedtime routine in order. It helps babies learn the difference between day and night by reinforcing their natural circadian cycles.

A bedtime routine helps children in slowing down and psychologically preparing for bedtime. In addition, having a consistent bedtime routine creates a deeper bond between you and your baby. That’s why Kath + Belle created this parenting guide to help parents in building effective bedtime routines for their little ones.

Benefits of Bedtime Routines for Babies

  • Build security

Many toddlers suffer from separation anxiety during their early years. Give them a stuffed animal or comfort blanket at this time for added reassurance when you leave the room. A consistent bedtime routine provides a sense of security to your child and trains them on how to fall asleep on their own.

  • Build emotional connection

Bedtime routines have been linked to the emotional and psychological well-being of both parents and children. It builds an excellent emotional connection between parents and their little ones. 

Kath + Belle Best Bedtime Routines for Your Little Ones

  • Bedtime story

Reading bedtime stories to your child may be a great way to spend some quality time with them. This simple reading activity has more advantages than just getting children ready for bed. Reading bedtime stories is a fantastic way to improve your child’s learning abilities in a variety of ways, including brain development, language skills, and vocabulary.

  • Light conversation

Some children like to hear a bedtime story, while others prefer to talk about their day, and yet others prefer to say their prayers and go to their beds. If your child falls asleep quickly and sleeps through the night, your bedtime routine is probably working. Having a light conversation with your child before bedtime helps in their language development as well.

  • A gentle and soothing massage with Kath + Belle Wonder Cream

Babies who are being massaged before bedtime produce more hormones called melatonin, which helps them to fall asleep soundly. Kath + Belle Wonder Cream is made perfectly for a baby’s sensitive and delicate skin and certainly a magical option cream for dull skin to make it smooth, vibrant, healthy, and have a skin glow.

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