Kath + Belle Featured in Tatler Magazine

kath + belle featured in tatler magazine

Thank You Tatler for Including Kath + Belle

We at Kath + Belle would like to thank Tattler Magazine for your favourable review & recommendation of our brand. We have worked hard to make our products free from toxic chemicals for the well being of our children, family and the planet. It’s time for us to go natural and be free from toxic chemicals at home. 

Tattler Malaysia has been an influential voice of the elite society in Malaysia. They offer insights into the lives of the country’s movers and shakers. To be featured in this magazine means a great deal to us. It’s good to hear that natural and toxic chemicals free products are going to be recognized.

Kath + Belle with Sustainability & Your Well-being

From the time of the industrial revolution until today, chemicals are everywhere in our daily life. They are found in nearly all of our products we use. Although things were created to make our lives easier, some of these materials pose a threat to our health. The materials that used to make and apply are also harming the environment.

Kath + Belle’s mission is to address the challenges of environmental degradation. With great research and capacity, We shifted consumer’s mind for cleaner, natural and free from toxic chemical products.

Our products are made with ingredients that are natural in order to upkeep the planet sustainability and bring better health benefits to your body. So, have us at your home and freely use our toxic chemical free products with ease of mind. 

People’s Environmental Initiatives Are Saving the World

More and more people these days are choosing to shop ethically. They want products that are actually beneficial not just for them but also the environment. With high demand for cleaner, natural products, more and more companies are taking part in this shift too! Making green eco-friendly and chemical free choices is a lot easier than what a lot of us may think. Look no further, Kath + Belle is here for you! 

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