Bedtime Rituals for You & Baby

bedtime rituals for you & baby

Baby Bedtime is Not an Easy Thing For Parents

For many parents, wanting to have their baby to sleep at night can be a monstrous challenge. After that, you need to keep them asleep throughout the night. This is why it is important to set-up a consistent bedtime routine for the baby to help improve his or her sleep. 

We know how you feel when you read the above. It’s always easier said than done. Even with all the tips, parenting guides and advice from everyone you know, it’s best for you to find out which routine suits you best. It’s okay to try something new and Kath + Belle is here for you, in every step of the way. We have faith that you got this! 

Why Do You Need a Bedtime Ritual for the Baby?

We thrive on habits and babies do too! Babies learn fast and they enjoy the sense of looming or wanting to know what comes next. It makes them feel safe and helps them settle into the basics of daily living like seeing the faces they love, all the way to playing, eating and sleeping. The most important part of a baby’s development is sleep.

To have a good sleeping habit, it is natural for you to set a good bedtime routine. This will not only benefit your baby but you too. It helps to make your life easier, more manageable and most importantly, you know when to get some rest. Rested parents are better parents. You need the energy to work, run the family and also stay cheerful all the time.

Know What Is Best For You

There is no one-size-fits-all or ultimate guideline for a sleep schedule, so it may take you a while to understand what routine works best for you and your baby. So if you don’t succeed at first, keep trying. Parenting is a journey, take this time to learn all your baby’s cues and signs. 

By and by. you’ll understand their natural wake and sleep patterns. Slowly, you can adjust their routine accordingly. Changes and adaptation are the keys to success in this, be prepared! 

7 Bedtime Rituals for You & Baby

If you are looking for ideas on how to start a bedtime routine for your baby, here are some of Kath + Belle recommendations to help you create the best pre-bedtime routine for your little babe. 

  1. Take bath before bedtime
  2. Massage your baby with a good body lotion or body oil
  3. Clean their mouth or brush their teeth
  4. Change him or her into fresh clothes and diaper
  5. Read them a bedtime story or sing a lullaby
  6. Dim the lights
  7. Loving words and good night kiss to your baby

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