5 Hidden Toxins at Home That Are Harming Your Health

5 hidden toxins at home that are harming your health

There Are Hidden Toxins in Your Home?

“What? What do you mean there are hidden toxins in my own home? I clean my house often, sanitise, no gas leak and keep all the house tools in the store room. I make sure everything is in place. How can there be hidden toxins at home?” These are some of the answers that crossed your mind when you read the title. 

What do personal care and household toxins have to do with your health and especially the gut? Plenty. 

We absorb them through our skin and inhale them. Eventually, they end up in our bloodstream and eventually our gut, affecting our microbiome, hormones and general health. Some of the things that we commonly use such as air freshener, skin cream and the solutions we use to clean the floors and windows.

Do you know that women absorb up to 168 chemicals each day? From waking up to getting ready for the day. Our skin is our body’s largest organ and we absorb 60-70% of what we apply to it.  

Toxic Chemicals at Home and Why It Matters?

A few questions might be popping into your head right about now. What exactly is hiding in the products I use? Am I not being aware of these hidden toxins and toxic chemicals? Am I so trusting with the whole marketing scheme by these brands that I lose sight of what really matters?

Don’t worry, we all have been there. It’s time we take back the power and be a smarter consumer. Check on the labels and see what are the hidden toxins and how they can affect our health. These may seem “good” to be used in manufacturing the products because the amounts are too small to bring about bad effects. But imagine using them in the long run. 

Many of the products we buy, use, eat and drink daily contain health-harming chemicals including known carcinogens, endocrine-disruptors (harm our hormones and fertility), and chemicals linked to asthma, behavioral problems, lower IQ and other adverse health effects.

5 Hidden Toxins at Home That Are Harming Your Health

  1. Perfume
    Fragrances are a big no no for daily use. If you can, try to avoid it. The pressure to smell amazing and fancy brands have made us slave to this. Spraying synthetic fragrance, a known endocrine disruptor, directly onto our thyroid and delicate pulse points is not a good news.

    Solution – Mix a few drops of your favourite essential oil with coco oil. Once you’ve tried the real scent from real plants, you’ll never go back to synthetic again.
  2. Air Freshener
    Air freshener contains chemicals called phthalates that interfere with hormone function, also known as endocrine disruptors. Phthalates can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system.

    Solution – Make a change and try a spritz of water and essential oils. You can even use lemon juice and tea tree oil. 
  3. Floor Cleaner Solutions
    Though it cleans your floor, the conventional floor cleaners are filled with toxic chemicals and harm your baby that is always crawling on the floor. It seeps in our skin and we inhale them!

    Solution – Here’s a much simpler, safer, cost effective alternative – Kath + Belle Safe Clean Anti Bacterial Floor Wash, free from all form of toxic chemicals!
  4. Skin Creams
    Struggling with eczema? The hydrocortisone creams designed to manage symptoms of skin irritations often lead to some side effects such as skin redness, headaches, dizziness and even trouble sleeping.

    Solution – Kath + Belle Wonder Cream can help you with all your skin needs. It is the go to balm for new mums & babies for irritating rashes, eczema & dryness.
  5. Food
    Food is no longer the same. From the pesticides and preservatives used, to artificial colours and flavours, and a long range of chemicals to make food into something it was never meant to be. We must be more careful with our food choices.

    Solution – We need more effort in cutting down fast food, frozen food and those that come in heavy preservatives. Let’s start making our own food from organic ingredients and source them from trusted sellers! 
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