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kath + belle returning to school without covid induced anxiety

Is COVID-19 Anxiety Real?

Since the pandemic began, we at Kath + Belle had many conversations with parents in protecting ourselves against the virus and the most recent one, anxiety that is related to COVID-19. It’s such a wonderful thing to see that parents are not only prioritising the physical health of their kids but also their mental health.

Fears about COVID-19 virus can take on your emotional toll. We still don’t know exactly how we’ll be impacted, how long this will last, or how bad things might get even when we’re already in the endemic phase. Our kids pick up these kinds of things from us, from our obsessive preparation to go out, social distancing, washing hands often and many more.

They might not grasp the full information about the virus but they learned according to our responses and routines. So, a sudden return to school and facing so many friends and teachers in a classroom can trigger anxiety to some kids. If you or your kids are feeling worried, learning how to deal with that anxiety in a healthy way is a way to go. It can help the whole family be more resilient, both now and when the pandemic is finally over.

Minimize the Impact of Anxiety on Kids

Anxiety can stick to a person for a very long time. You certainly do not want this anxiety to stick on your kids. It can be a long-running, time taking battle where simple activities such as attending school or doing fun school activities become something they dread. To avoid this feeling, young kids will avoid these events or situations that make them anxious or bring them discomfort.

You can guide and prepare them with tools of mindfulness. With these tools, they can manage their anxiety, rather than let them miss out and be miserable, or tackle discomfort full on and be stressed out.

What You Can Do – Returning to School Without COVID Induced Anxiety

  1. Reassurance on healthcare
    Educate your kids about the importance of vaccination. Talk to your pediatrician about this. A combination of being nurturing and medical care is the best protection against anxiety. Knowing they are vaccinated will help them to have confidence to go back to school.
  2. Healthy lifestyle
    A healthy lifestyle builds their resistance against anxiety. Get plenty of sleep, proper diet, regular exercise and spending time in nature are some of the lifestyle points that build strength against the psychological grip of anxiety.
  3. Prepare your kids
    The school will no longer be the same pre-pandemic. There will be many rules and SOPs to follow. Let’s not be too harsh on your kids. Prepare your child for a return by discussing the safety procedures the school will be implementing. Remember to ask how their day was at school. Check with how they are feeling and correct any misconceptions.
  4. Be patient
    Your kids will have to adjust to new teachers, different classmates and a new year level. Sudden change of a new environment can be overwhelming. Some just can’t wait to reconnect with friends and teachers. Others may have already adapted to studying at home and want to continue studying from home. No matter what is their response, be neutral and supportive! 
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