Problems & Solutions by Kath + Belle for Kids with Eczema

Problems & Solutions by Kath + Belle for Kids with Eczema

Eczema can be too difficult to deal with, especially for kids who suffer from this condition. It could cause problems whether they are in school or at home and it will cause them trouble whenever they’re asleep. As a parent, it is hard to see our children experience these problems. That’s why Kath + Belle would like to help you with these eczema problems. Check out these tips which will help soothe or prevent eczema flare-ups.

Kath + Belle: The Symptoms and Treatment of Eczema 

Unfortunately, there’s still no exact cure for eczema however, there are ways to treat its symptoms. Triggers could differ with other people who have eczema this is why you must take note of the things that might trigger a child’s eczema.

The common triggers for eczema are:

  • Pollen, animal hair, dust or smoke
  • Foods such as eggs, dairy, wheat, citrus fruit or nuts
  • Harsh ingredients from baby lotion, baby detergent or other skincare products
  • Rough and tight clothing

Dry Skin and Itching

Dry skin and intense itching could lead to a flare-up. Dry skin could easily become rough or tight. Always apply lotion after every bath. Make sure the skin is provided with the right moisture to avoid dry skin. Avoid using regular laundry detergent for a child’s clothes. We at Kath + Belle recommend the use of laundry detergent free from chemicals and harsh ingredients that may only cause itching.


Prevention is better than cure. You should avoid the things could trigger flare-ups. Regularly moisturize the skin daily and avoid sweating or overheating. Also, monitor the food the kids eat as some of them might trigger eczema.

Sometimes stress and anxiety can also worsen flare-ups. Make sure the kids have time to relax and getting enough sleep.


Roughly scratching skin will cause infection and bleeding. Cool the skin with a wet towel or apply a cream to the itchy spot. You may also use distraction to avoid scratching their skin. And most importantly, avoid scratching to prevent infection.

The infection might worsen if it not treated right. If it persists, consult a dermatologist right away and get the right prescription for follow-up treatment.

Soothing Eczema with Kath + Belle

Kath + Belle offers you baby products to help you treat your child’s eczema. Our baby skincare products are made up of 100% natural ingredients and suitable for sensitive skin. Kath + Belle products are the safest and natural baby products you have never seen with other brands.

Only Kath + Belle will secure your baby’s safety without the harsh ingredients and artificial fragrance. We guarantee every product won’t harm a child’s skin. Visit us on Kath + Belle and see all the products!

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