Positive Outlook for Good Parenting

positive outlook for good parenting

What Is Good Parenting? 

We at Kath + Belle all know that parenting was never a smooth sailing journey. Good parenting is hard work and also fulfilling. When we picture a beautiful family, the images of a comfortable home, lush greenery and other comforts of life are likely to come to mind. But having these are not the sole contributors to good parenting.

So it’s time to introspect and contemplate, what makes good parenting, good? What are the common traits of good parents? Are we certain that these traits do make them good parents? Of course, there are no fixed or absolute characteristics of a good parent. But there are a few similarities that all good parents have:

  • Striving to provide care
  • Attention
  • Education
  • Support
  • Unconditional love

Good and Successful Parents

Being successful in parenting requires the ability to make good choices. A good parent is someone who strives to make decisions in the best interest of the child. For starters, we should be an important role model where our children can look up to and get our support for them no matter what happens. 

Remember, our children are always watching. Kids are always learning from the examples we set. The outcomes of positive parenting come in many forms. These children are independent, kind, driven and compassionate. 

Positive Outlook for Good Parenting

Always keep yourself ahead of the curve by having a positive outlook in life. Not everything is set out to harm you and your family. By just a change of perception and ways of doing things, we can turn things around while giving a positive impact on our children. 

  1. Focus on Your Kids’ Strengths
    Academic success is beyond math and science. Most of us have been conditioned to only look at what kids can’t do. It’s not your fault. You were led by teachers in the past and parents to have this kind of mindset. Put attention to your children’s interest, positive emotions and performance. Rather than prioritizing on your child’s weaknesses, set your gaze to your child’s strengths.
  2. Never be Condescending, Spiteful and Mean
    It’s normal for parents to lose their patience and temper, we are human after all. Be mindful and do not let these emotions overpower us. Being condescending, humiliating and mean are never a proper way to teach anything. Children that grow up in this kind of environment develop resentment and hatred towards many things in life. Always treat your children like how you want to be treated.
  3. See Your Children The Way They Are
    Our children are their very own person, not our possession. See them for who they are, not who you’re hoping or wanting who they’ll become. They have their very own ambitions and dreams. Nevertheless, we can encourage them to try things that may push them out of their comfort zones. This approach is good for kids who are still figuring out who they are and what they want.
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