Kath + Belle | Floor Wash That Is Safe For Kids & Pets

kath + belle floor wash that is safe for kids & pets

Is Your Floor Wash Safe for Kids & Pets?

A happy home is more than laughing kids and joyful pets, but also a place where everyone can be safe.  On top of that, parents who are also pet owners have a lot on their plate. We do our best for our kids and fur babies by getting them vaccinated, making sure the environment is free from germs and bacteria. But do you know that the surface cleaners you get over-the-counter can do more harm than actual good.

Yes, these products do clean your house. Nevertheless, they are also filled with harmful chemicals. In some cases, this kind of floor wash even caused irritation, rashes and burning sensation, in both pets and us. These products also can affect a baby’s skin, eyes and airways. Harmful ingredients found in floor and other household or floor cleaners. It affects our health in various ways which include:

  1. Allergies
  2. Airways Irritation
  3. Eczema
  4. Eyes Irritation
  5. Poisoning & More

Some Conventional Floor Wash & Cleaner Are Bad for The Environment 

We don’t usually think that household cleaners such as floor wash, detergent, soaps etc are pollutants. We use them in the confines of our homes to make it clean and sparkle. The same cleaners we use to sanitise, whiten, wash dishes, clothes and degrease can give detrimental effects to nature. These toxic chemicals can lead to pollution and waste such as:

  • Air Pollution
    VOC, also known as Volatile Organic Compound contained in cleaning products reduces indoor air quality and adds to outdoor smog. In concentrated form, ammonia can also cause severe damage to your nose, throat, and lungs.
  • Water Pollution
    Nitrogen, phosphorus and ammonia are dangerous water contaminants in large quantities. When these pollutants enter the waterways, it accelerates water plants life cycles, causing them to die off in large quantities. This leads to mass growth of algae. Then, the water animals and its inhabitants will die off as well. 

Kath + Belle’s Solution For Child & Pet Safe Cleaning Products

Both pets and babies have one thing in common. They both spend a lot of time on the floor. Babies crawl, puppies sleep and lick the floor and put their nose to sniff it. That’s why it is important to not expose them to harsh chemicals from the floor. The residue of harmful chemicals can contribute to the effects stated above. 

Naturally, parents and pet owners do switch to natural and toxic chemicals free cleaning products. Kath + Belle Safe Clean Anti Bacterial Floor Wash is made from natural ingredients. Safe for both pets and kids! It gets your floors sparkling clean with this naturally strong, multi-surface plant-based concentrated floor wash. It leaves the floor surface clean and residue free. Let’s make a switch and go natural with Kath + Belle today! 

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