Kath + Belle | Child Safety During Pandemic

kath + belle child safety during pandemic

During this pandemic, we must all do everything possible to protect our families. Kath + Belle created this parenting guide to assist parents in keeping their children and others safe while we all deal with this new and tough time at home.

Kath + Belle Parenting Guide to Keep Children Safe and Healthy During Pandemic

Staying safe at home

  • Put soft padding in the sleeping area

While scrapes and wounds are typically acquired on the playground, children can be protected from sharp and harmful materials both inside and outside the home. Just keep all the sharp items and tools out of children’s reach. Furthermore, keeping everything away smaller than a 20-cent coin might induce an airway obstruction and pose a choking hazard to children.

  • Avoid loud noises in the house

Prevent infection for children

  • Learn more about food that is suitable for small children

encourage your children to smart eating habits and food that is suitable for small children. Younger children will eat primarily what is offered at home. That’s why it’s important to keep track of your supplies, especially the foods you serve and keep on hand for snacks. 

  • Be aware of their skin

It’s necessary to opt for products that are toxic-free, chemical-free, and can soothe and serve as skin protection against eczema and other skin conditions. Kath + Belle Face & Body Lotion (Peach) and Kath + Belle Prebiotics Body Lotion – Passion fruit are made perfect for babies’ sensitive and delicate skin. These Kath + Belle baby products are made with love, love for your family, love for nature, and love for healthy living!

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