COVID-19 Essentials. Non-Toxic & Safe Products by Kath + Belle

Covid 19 Essentials. Non Toxic & Safe Products By Kath + Belle

In this season, Kath + Belle understands how people can be anxious about cleaning and protecting their health. With the continuous spreading of COVID-19, cleaning and disinfecting are very important.

It doesn’t take mass disinfection weapons to keep your home clean. Products that contain harsh ingredients are usually unnecessary and some may aggravate other health conditions and harm the environment. You can keep your home clean and chemical-free without spending a lot of money. Protect the health of your family and the environment by using eco-friendly products like Kath + Belle. It doesn’t just kill germs, bacteria, and viruses but also safe for health. 

Kath + Belle essentials to combat COVID-19

Kath + Belle is here to keep every family protected during this pandemic. Your family’s health is our number one priority. Kath + Belle has a wide range of organic essentials from baby products to household cleaning and disinfecting goods. Kath + Belle knows the importance of keeping your home clean and protected especially when you have your little ones with you. So, here are the two Kath + Belle products to help you combat Coronavirus. 

1. Kath + Belle Organics Disinfectant

Kath + Belle is keen on keeping your home and baby clean, fresh, germ-free, and toxic-free. Kath + Belle Organics Disinfectant kills 99.9% of bacteria, germs, fungus, and viruses in just seconds. 

It’s essential, especially during this pandemic, that every home surface that comes into contact frequently is clean and hygienic. Surfaces that need to be disinfected regularly at home include chairs, tables, mats, beds, and the like.

Kath + Belle Organics Disinfectant uses the power of plant-based ingredients to remove germs from your home safely, without the harsh chemicals that you get with other disinfectants. This organic disinfectant is also suited for newborn babies to toddlers. Free from toxic chemicals that could harm human health.

Kath + Belle also offers bulk order of this Kath + Belle Organics Disinfectant for only RM180.00 instead of RM209.40. It is perfect for your extra stock at home or gifts for your loved ones. 

2. Kath + Belle Hand Sanitizing Mist

During this pandemic, it is recommended to always bring hand sanitizers with you to keep clean and protected. Kath + Belle Hand Sanitizing Mist is convenient and gives you peace of mind when you need to clean and sanitize hands even water is not available.

Were you aware that regular hand sanitizers are packed with harsh chemicals? Conventional hand sanitizers contain toxic ingredients that can dry out the skin and can trigger underlying conditions. However, organic hand sanitizer like Kath + Belle Hand Sanitizing Mist is one of a kind because it is suitable not only for all types of skin but also for babies. 

Kath + Belle Hand Sanitizing Mist is completely natural and perfect for sensitive skin, dry conditions, eczema, and other skin allergies since it is made with 100% plant-based ingredients.

Despite what’s happening to the world today, let us always be positive and look forward to brighter days. Let’s be wiser when it comes to our health. Choose the products that not just do their purpose but also safe for health and to the environment to have a chemical-free living. 

Kath + Belle offers safe and effective alternatives to chemical-based cleaning and disinfectants. Start to live with peace of mind, healthier and safer with Kath + Belle!

Sanitise Your Hands Should Now Be Your New Norm. Remember Your Health And Others Are Depending On This One Small Habit

Sanitising your hands should now be your new norm. Remember, your health and others are depending on this small habit

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