Dear Dads – What New Mothers Want You To Know

dear dads what new mothers want you to know

Becoming Parents – What a New Dad Should Know About New Mother

There is no doubt that mothers are incredibly strong. They do more than raise us, shower us with affection and love. And often, we do not know or are aware of their pain. This is the sacrifice of a mother. As a father, you’ll see this transformation in your wife when she becomes a mother. 

New mothers are as strong as well. Capable of showing their love, passion and single-minded attention to their new baby. We at Kath + Belle want to share something with new fathers. Just because we know mothers are strong, it doesn’t mean you can take something for granted. 

Right after giving birth, new mothers also need rest. Regardless of how much she wants to care for her newborn, she needs to heal. New mothers must regain their strength back physically, mentally and emotionally in the postpartum phase. Pregnancy and arduous painful labor are 2 phases that are romanticized by the media and pop culture.

But what will happen after the baby and the mother go back to your home? She will dutifully and endures:

  • sleepless night
  • anxiety about the baby’s safety and wellbeing
  • breastfeeding
  • diaper change
  • handle criticism and bad advices from others
  • handling expectation from others
  • doctor visits
  • personal healing and more

Let’s get to the point faster, assume that the baby is well taken care of and ask the rarely asked questions such as – “Who will take care of the new mother’s postpartum needs? What will happen to her now? Did she clearly state her needs? Do you as a partner understand her?

5 Things You Can Do For New Mothers 

Here are 5 pieces of advice your partner wants you to know, without having her to tell you.

  1. Help, Even When She Doesn’t Ask
    She is always tired so help her in every small way you can. Simply offer to cook, clean, look after the baby or take your baby out of the house so she can eat or take a nap peacefully. This helps her to recuperate faster and better.
  2. Wear Your Baby
    Get a baby carrier before your baby is born. This also helps a father to develop a deeper bond with the baby. Most parents know that skin to skin contact is great for bonding for mum and baby, but it’s also great for dads.
  3. Say Nice Things To Her
    Be specific in your compliments and the words of encouragement. Yes, please be extra sweet towards your wife during the postpartum period. New mothers often go through a rough emotional journey and she needs your patience and understanding more than ever.
  4. Be Considerate To Both Of You
    You both just became a first time parent. So it is not a big problem when you and her fumble while bringing up the baby. Do not expect her to know everything just because she is the mother of your child. Be more proactive, patient and continue learning. Parenthood is a journey, and a never ending one.
  5. You Need To Do It!
    Take the traditional gender role out away. A father can cook and clean too. If you’re not comfortable doing something, like dressing, changing diapers or bathing your baby, just do it anyway. Do not let your fear of doing things wrong or hurting the baby, you’ll learn along the way. Time to step up for her and your baby. 

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