The Top 5 Kath + Belle Baby Skin Care Products


Do you want to solidify your role as one of the gorgeous moms out there who have never has a peaceful mind when it comes to the health and wellness of their precious ones? Are you always looking for the best baby products available in the market which are safe, effective and of course non-toxic? Have you ever heard about Kath and Belle baby skin care products? Let me give you an overview of this in demand baby skin care products in Malaysia.

We all know being a full time mom is not as uncomplicated as 1, 2, 3. That’s why Kath + Belle is here to make life easy by giving you the best product that can be used to babies.

The Top 5 Kath + Belle Baby Products

1. Kath + Belle Wonder Cream

From the name itself, “Wonder Cream” really does wonder to the baby’s sensitive skin. You and your baby will absolutely love this effective and safe to use product that will give a glowing radiance and moisturized skin. It is so easy to use just apply generously on the clean surface of the skin every time you change the nappy, or as frequently as needed, and it is best to use before bedtime.

2. Kath + Belle Top to toe cleanser – Peach

Kath + Belle Top to toe cleanser comes in a 250ml bottle for only RM36.90. Not bad for a perfect product that will cleanse and moisturize baby’s from head to toe. It has a peach smell which gives it a fruity and fresh scent after bathing.  There’s nothing more snuggly than smelling a newly bath baby.

3. Kath + Belle Super Vit E & VCO

This product is specially formulated for baby’s sensitive skin. Giving baby a massage before and after taking a bath will definitely help them to increase bone strength while moisturizing the skin at the same time.

4. Kath + Belle Face and Body Lotion – Peach

The most effective, safe and non-hazardous product suits to baby’s sensitive skin. Leaving skin soft and smooth without removing its natural moisture.

5. Kath + Belle Organics Disinfectant

As much as we love to take care of baby’s skin, Kath + Belle also produce a product that will keep your baby surrounding safe and disinfected for them to have a germ free and healthy home, because we take it seriously.

Kath and Belle is a well-known baby skin care product in Malaysia. Kath and Belle invest so much time, effort and research to develop a non-toxic, hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin of your precious little one. Kath + Belle produce all the products desired to clean, soothe and shield baby’s most delicate skin. People behind these amazing baby products know no boundaries when it comes in taking good care of our babies as well as producing an environmental friendly product.

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