Simple Tips For Baby’s Skin Care

Simple Tips For Baby's Skin Care

Choose Gentler Baby Skin Care Products

If you don’t know this then this is the best time for you to learn. You don’t want to use your adult shampoo and soap on baby. Until babies are about one year old, it’s best to use soaps and shampoos that are specifically formulated for this age group.

You may find plenty of skin care products out there that contain way more chemicals that will contribute to many illness and they are actually have detrimental effect. Get gentler baby skin care products are nontoxic, containing no or few dyes, deodorants, alcohols and other ingredients that can be harmful to your baby’s skin. Some soap don’t produce much bubbles or lather like the usual soaps but it doesn’t mean you need to use them more.

Beware of Rashes, Bumps and Spots On Babies

To avoid the symptoms stated above, you need to be extra attentive. Diaper rash is often caused by irritation to the skin due to contact with urine, stool, and detergent. It can also be caused by bacterial infections, yeast infections or allergies. Commonly, most diaper rashes can be prevented by changing diapers when they are wet or soiled and allowing the diaper area to dry between changes.

Prickly heat is not a rare illness. It is quite common in our country. It is caused by dysfunction in sweat glands. he rash appears on the neck, diaper area and armpits most likely to be prone to increased sweating. Always keep your babies cool to avoid this reaction. Prickly heat resolves within a couple of days. If the symptom persists, please do visit a pediatrician. Babies can be very sensitive to perfumes and harsh detergents. Use a gentle unscented detergent when washing infant’s clothes and bedding. Doing so will help prevent allergies.

No More Baby Powder, Use Proper Skin Care Products

You know and heard about it in those commercials and advertisements, but stay away from baby powder. Experts say to avoid using it, as baby could inhale the powder into his lungs, and that could cause damage. You need to be even more careful while choosing a talcum powder for your baby. Lotions or ointments can be used as a substitute.

Always Be Prepared

It’s normal for baby to have rashes, so don’t be surprised if you spot some on your baby’s skin. In the newborn period, most rashes come and go frequently. Always look out for signs of infection, when you see them you must call the pediatrician.

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