Kath + Belle | 4 Fun Ways to Teach Oral Health to Children

Kath + Belle 4 Fun Ways To Teach Oral Health To Children

It is very important to teach your kids healthy dental hygiene from a young age, as it can last through adulthood. The earlier your children learn how to brush their teeth properly, the more likely they are to prevent cavities, gingivitis, and other oral health issues.

Here at Kath + Belle, we would like to help parents make brushing the teeth an enjoyable activity for their children. In this way, you can encourage your child to cultivate excellent oral hygiene habits and set them on the road to a beautiful and healthy smile. You can also do it in a fun and hassle-free way. So, here are a few fun ways to inspire your kids to take care of their teeth.

4 Kath + Belle Fun Activities to Encourage Healthy Oral Health to Children

  1. Brush your teeth with your child

Experts recommend children should learn how to brush their teeth from the age of two with the support of their parents. Practicing good oral hygiene at a young age will ward off plaque, cavities, as well as many major dental issues that they might face later in life.

The best way to teach your children oral hygiene is to join them in their brushing routine. Brush your teeth in front of your child and make them brush their teeth too. Children look up to their parents and elders. This is why the best way of teaching them proper dental care habits is to lead by example.

  1. Let your children pick their own toothbrush

It is a good idea to change the toothbrush every three months. This is to ensure that the bristles retain their scrubbing capacity and that the brush does not accumulate bacteria.

Make this change of toothbrush a fun experience by letting your child choose his or her own toothbrush. You may choose a themed toothbrush or an electric or automatic toothbrush that is considered to be the kid’s favorite.

  1. Read tooth-related stories before bedtime

Try to find some tooth-related stories for your child rather than reading the usual stories before bed. Books and stories are enjoyable ways to teach the value of oral care to your kids. A perfect way to inspire your child to keep their teeth beautiful and healthy is by telling them the story about The Tooth Fairy.

  1. Encourage your child to dance and sing while brushing their teeth

Children are fond of singing and dancing. To make the moment enjoyable and exciting, you can include their favorite song in their brushing routines. Encourage your child to dance a bit while brushing their teeth to keep it interesting for them. This way, they will look forward to their next brushing time. 

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