Kath + Belle Tips on Baby’s Oral Health

Kath + Belle Tips On Baby’s Oral Health

As parents, you have to start caring for your baby’s tiny mouths and gums as soon as you get them home. We at Kath + Belle recommend starting your infant oral care even before their teeth come in. It is to keep them happy and healthy.

For first time parents, it can be quite overwhelming to keep the baby’s oral health on top of other parenting duties. Luckily, Kath + Belle is here to guide you on your parenting journey including taking care of the baby’s oral health. 

Kath + Belle 4 Parenting Tips for Baby’s Oral Care

1. Don’t let babies sleep with bottles in their mouth

If you let your babies sleep with bottles, they may develop tooth decay or also known as “baby bottle decay”. It can manifest as visible signs of deterioration on the tooth, such as black or brown stains and it can cause swollen gums as well.

To prevent this from happening, keep your baby’s teeth safe and healthy by not letting them sleep with bottles in their mouth. Just remove the bottle once they’re done. This reduces the sensitivity of the teeth to the liquid and thereby helps reduce the buildup of plaque.

2. Regularly clean their gums and teeth

There are newborn care tips for oral health that you should take to ensure that your baby’s mouth and gums are healthy. You can wipe their gums with a soft cloth or use Kath + Belle Baby 1st Tooth Gel. 

Kath + Belle Baby 1st Tooth Gel cleans teeth well and tastes appealing to babies and rest assured that it’s safe and healthy. It contains nature’s trusted and natural ingredients which help in the fight against bacteria and soothe the baby’s sensitive gums and teeth. You can be sure that you get all the benefits of a toothpaste that is toxic-free and fluoride-FREE!

3. Feed your babies healthy food and drinks

A healthy and balanced diet is a significant part of having healthy gums and teeth. Having the right food options for your child will go a long way when it comes to their dental health. Avoid feeding them with sticky or chewy foods that can get stuck to the teeth and lead to the accumulation of plaque. Processed starchy foods such as white bread and potato chips can also be bad for their teeth.

It is not advisable to provide fruit juice for babies under 12 months of age and older children. Refined and pure fruit juice contains sugar and it can stay on their teeth and become a breeding ground for bacteria causing cavities. Give them water and milk only. 

4. See Dentist regularly and on time

Most kids don’t see a dentist until they turn two or older. It is recommended to have their first dental appointment within 6 months of their first tooth eruption or until they are one year of age, whichever comes first.

Scheduling your baby as soon as their teeth come in for regular dental checkups ensures that any emerging problems can be caught early. Catching these issues early will prevent any actual, permanent harm to the teeth of your infant from occurring.

Protect your Baby’s Teeth with Kath + Belle

As parents, it’s important to practice good oral hygiene habits for you and the rest of your family. Be a good example for your kids. Kath + Belle can be your companion in taking care of your family. With our range of parenting and baby care tips and newborn baby products rest assured that we will guide you through the right path of becoming the best parents you can be.

Protect your kid’s oral health with Kath + Belle Baby 1st Tooth Gel and be at ease that your baby’s health is in good hands! Visit and shop with Kath + Belle today and have a healthy and chemical-free living!

From Healthy Baby Gums Come Healthy Baby Teeth. Thats Why You Need To Start Providing Good Oral Care For Your Children Right From Birth.
From healthy baby gums come healthy baby teeth. That’s why you need to start providing good oral care for your children right from birth.
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