Kath + Belle Prevents Sickness In Your Kids

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Kath + Belle Tips To Prevent Sickness

When a sink is not available, for cleaning hands that are visibly dirty, using hand sanitizer is a great help. Kids are like a germ factory, ask any parent and they will tell you. As they learn hygiene and how to care for themselves, kids are prone to lots of runny noses, coughs, sore throats and infections. That’s especially true for children in day care, they can get infected by other kids. Keeping their hands clean is a big step in teaching kids proper hygiene.

Hand sanitizer is a better way to clean hands than washing with soap and water. Some hand sanitizers can contain harsh chemicals but not us, Kath + Belle Hand Sanitizing Mist  keep your baby nursery clean, fresh , germs and toxic free. We believe you are the same and will find our organic disinfectant indispensible .Specially formulated with 100% plant based ingredients. The organic content is developed in USA as a revolutionary 100% natural disinfectant that kills 99.9% of bacteria, germs, fungus, and virus in seconds.

Although part of being a parent seems to involve just accepting that your young child is going to bring home some nasty germs no matter how hard you try to prevent it, it’s also clear that any methods effective at keeping kids healthier are worth a shot.

Toxic Free Products By Kath + Belle

While the kids are growing up, it’s best for them to have lesser exposure to toxic materials. Young children are especially vulnerable to toxic chemicals because their bodies are still developing. These toxic materials can present in the usual toiletries too. It can be daunting trying to figure out how to minimize kids’ chemical exposures in your home, daycare, and school – but it shouldn’t be. Personal care products are of particular concern because we put them directly on our skin. This means chemicals in these products can be absorbed or inhaled.

Manufacturers are constantly developing new chemicals, and new ways to use existing chemicals, and evidence continues to point to more connections between exposure to toxic chemicals and long-term negative health impacts. You need to have alternatives! We suggest parents, teachers and daycare instructor to look at our range of products. They are toxin-free, natural, and eco-friendly products for face, body and home. It’s suitable for all members of your family, including babies, kids and teens. All of our products are carefully researched and selected by our team of qualified professionals. Enjoy shopping with us!

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