Kath + Belle Guides to Chemical-Free Living

Kath + Belle Guides To Chemical Free Living

A lot of people are now becoming smarter, more concerned about the wellbeing and want to live a chemical-free life. Yet as life gets more complicated, over-scheduled, and more stressful, it’s easy for us to get instant food and products that promise to make chores easier. However, did you ever think what’s inside that container?

Most of these products are made up of harsh chemicals and ingredients, which are harmful to you and your family’s health. That is why we at Kath + Belle listed down the reasons and benefits you could get from switching to non-toxic and organic products and real and healthy food. 

Reasons to Switch to a Chemical-Free Life

  1. Healthier Home

If you switch to organic and non-toxic products there will be no more harmful chemicals to breathe in and will get into your skin. This health benefit will also extend to other family members that have a weak immune system. 

  1. Purer Environment

When you use a lot of cleaning and personal care products, you also release harmful chemicals and toxins to the environment. It is not good for you and your family’s health. 

If you go for non-toxic products, you also reduce pollution to our waterways and to the air we breathe in. It helps minimize the bad impact on Mother Earth. Eco-friendly products also come in recyclable packaging which minimizes the wastes. 

  1. Safer Products

Conventional cleaning products cause hazardous conditions to the skin and eyes. Chemical-free aren’t corrosive and follow strict requirements about inhalation toxicity, combustibility, and skin absorption.

  1. Reduced Stress

When you’re living a healthier lifestyle with natural skincare products and organic food you will feel less stress in life. Having a non-toxic life and a diet full of organic and fresh food like fruits and vegetables will cause less stress and improve you not just emotionally but your whole wellbeing.

  1. Less Irritation

If you are suffering from any skin disorders, the best decision you’ll ever make is going organic. There are a lot of harsh chemicals that are often found in cosmetics and skincare products such as parabens and sulfates, which causes further irritation on the skin.

When it comes to your personal care products particularly the baby products you should switch over to non-toxic and natural products like Kath + Belle. We have organic toiletries products from cleansers to disinfectants that are specially formulated for delicate and sensitive baby skin. Some of the toiletries Kath + Belle offer are:

  • Kath + Belle Top to Toe Cleanser
  • Bunny Smiles Baby 1st Tooth Gel
  • Germs Free Hand Sanitizing Mist
  • Keep Fresh Organics Disinfectant

If you want to see the products we offer, check out the full list of our products at Kath + Belle website. 

Chemical-Free Life with Kath + Belle

Kath + Belle is inspired by love and created to ensure parents have easy access to non-toxic, eco-friendly, safe, and effective baby products. We offer a range of daily essentials from newborns to adults. Kath + Belle products are infused of all-natural ingredients that are safe for the health of your family. Switch to chemical-free living and switch to Kath + Belle today!

Living Chemical Free Seems Like A Luxury But With Kath + Belle, We Got You Covered!
Living Chemical Free Seems Like a Luxury But With Kath + Belle, We Got You Covered!
Kath + Belle - Inspired By Love