Kath + Belle | Are Baby Wipes Safe?

Kath + Belle Are Baby Wipes Safe

While the skin of a baby is buttery soft and kissable in all kinds of ways, it is also extremely delicate and sensitive. That is why Kath + Belle suggests that you must check anything that goes on your baby’s skin, including baby wipes. 

Baby wipes are one of the ultimate parents must-have since it is not only good for tiny bottoms but also for cleaning dirty feet, messy faces, spilled milk, and such. But you never know what is hidden in the list of its ingredients. And as parents, maybe you ask yourself are baby wipes safe? What are the negative impacts of using baby wipes on our health? What ingredients should we look out for to avoid?

Let’s talk about what are the hidden ingredients of baby wipes and its dangers and what alternative baby products you should use aside from using baby wipes.

What are the hidden ingredients of baby wipes?

The other hidden ingredients of baby wipes contain impurities, toxins, and byproducts. One way to be assured that you are not buying a toxic product is to avoid goods with potentially contaminated ingredients or expected to release another. So here are some harmful ingredients hiding in this baby product, baby wipes:

  • Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde has been recognized as a carcinogen that has a negative impact on health. The preservatives that release formaldehyde and formaldehyde itself are associated with widespread allergic contact dermatitis. It typically grows within a few hours of the allergen entering the skin and causing symptoms such as eczema and other skin conditions.

  • Ethylene Oxide and 1,4-Dioxane

Both ethylene oxide and 1,4-dioxane were listed as carcinogenic agents and both can irritate the skin. Sadly, most manufacturers produce their baby wipes using harsh petrochemicals as the raw materials. They use a method of ethoxylation in which ethylene oxide is added to make certain chemicals less harmful to the skin.

  • Phthalates as part of the fragrance

You won’t notice the word phthalates that are mentioned as one of the baby wipes ingredients. But you may find the term fragrance or perfume or parfum, which is a mixture of toxic ingredients hiding in baby wipes. 

Fragrance blends also contain diethyl phthalate associated with the disruption of the hormones. Allergies, dermatitis, and respiratory problems were linked with the fragrance formulations.

Kath + Belle Diaper Time Sanitiser Spray

Now that you know the harmful ingredients hiding in baby wipes, you might consider an alternative yet much effective and safer for your baby’s health. Kath + Belle Sanitiser Spray is a non-toxic, comfortable, fast, and simple way to a fuzz-free diaper change. Just wash your baby’s butt or rub it with a clean cloth, spray this non-toxic anti-bacterial spray onto your baby’s diaper area and you and your baby are all set for a fresh and clean bum.

Kath + Belle Sanitiser Spray is a must-have for all parents. Kath + Belle baby skin care products are chemical-free and made of 100% plant-based ingredients making them healthy and gentle for children. Switch now to Kath + Belle and experience a healthier and chemical-free living!

We Thought That Baby Wipes Are For Babies. Are We Buying Without Doing Any Research. Check Anything That Goes On Your Baby’s Skin Including Baby Wipes.
We thought that baby wipes are for babies. Are we buying without doing any research. Check anything that goes on your baby’s skin, including baby wipes.

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