Basic Baby Hair Care

Basic Baby Hair Care

Baby Hair Care Basics

Babies are wonderful. One of the little joys as a parent is to run through our fingers through baby’s hair just for the pleasure of it. Whether it’s thick, thin, wavy, curly or growing hair, we just love to do it. Infants hair is really soft and the hair care regime of baby’s hair needs to be carried with special care and attention.

As your baby’s hair is growing there are a few things you must know and be aware of. Some of the new mothers get slightly frustrated when she sees no hair on the little one’s head. Remember, if the baby is having little or no hair, only shampoo the hair twice a week. Always protect the head when out in the sun. Use baby caps or hats.

Style Your Baby Safely

When it comes to baby hair care, it’s best to use soft towel to dry those fine hairs. Using a blow-dryer is a big no. It can burn a baby’s sensitive skin! This is why a soft towel is ideal for drying their hair. You can wrap it around his or her head while gently rubbing it.

We get that you have a strong urge to accessorize with toddlers hair accessories. Keep an eye on the cute clips and beautiful headbands your infant is wearing. It can cause choking hazard if they slip or are pulled off. Use headband but not too tight so as not to cause them any discomfort. Always remember, their hair can break easily, so avoid pulling hair into a tight ponytail until those toddler years.

Treating Dry Or Flaky Scalp

“Cradle crap” is red patches on infants heads. Some of them might have flaky heads. This condition is usually nothing to worry about, but there are a few things you can do to reduce this issue, such as massaging a small amount of baby lotion on your little one’s head before bathing.

Baby scalp is very soft and sensitive so be careful while brushing or combing. Baby’s hair becomes tangled when they are dry. Try to open tangles in the hair with your fingers. It makes the her feel less pain or discomfort. Use little baby moisturizer to soften the hair. It is easy to brush the hair also.

Hair Care Products That We Recommend

Use Kath + Belle Shampoo – Peach flavour. It is safe for sensitive skin and leaves hair soft, shiny and manageable, without a greasy look. It’s also contain non toxic formulations such as carcinogen, ethylene oxide, mineral oil, 1,4-dioxane, PEG and sodium laureth sulfate.

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