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Kath + Belle Guide to Relaxation Tips for Modern Mums

kath + belle guide to relaxation tips for modern mums

Kath + Belle put together a guide to help mom relax, refresh, and unwind not only on that special day but from time to time. As mothers, we are entrusted with a plethora of duties. Parenthood, career, relationships, and other responsibilities are often juggled by modern women. Furthermore, mothers are under pressure to conform to […]

Kath + Belle 4 Tips to Get Kids to Sleep Better

kath + belle 4 tips to get kids to sleep better

Sleep enhances our ability to think critically, retain knowledge, regulate emotions, control behaviors, and maintain good health. However, trouble from falling asleep isn’t just a problem that comes with adulthood. Sleep deprivation can be a problem for children too especially during this time of the pandemic. When the COVID-19 pandemic started, everyone particularly children were […]

Kath + Belle | Do You Know an Average Woman Use More Than 500 Chemicals a Day!

kath + belle do you know an average woman use more than 500 chemicals a day!

Kath + Belle doesn’t just exist to provide organic and chemical-free products to protect the baby’s skin and family’s health. Kath + Belle is also here to educate everyone, especially women, of the dangerous chemicals they use and put on their skin. Women and beauty products have had a long-standing love affair. Since nothing makes […]

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